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                              HARTLEPOOL INDIVIDUAL


Welcome to the website of our new league, no hassle of
playing for a team
or going to a meeting once a month for arguments and trouble. No worrying about letting mates down, not playing in 3 a sides, pairs and one individual game, or being dropped for losing the previous week, you play proper darts (straight start double finish bust rule) AND YOU PLAY 8 LEGS and in this one your playing for yourself.

The full league is played in the Headland Club concert room on a Tuesday night. Format is 8 legs per match, straight start, double finish with the bust rule, yes! proper darts.

A brand new format to this town with no petty committees or prima donna's trying to spoil it for everyone else. A league where prize money is paid from 1st to last, not only the top two but EVERYONE receives prize money. And best of all its friendly.

The website also has regular updates from the Headland Club's superleague team escapade's in the Wednesday Night Durham Superleague as well as the local, Association of Club's Monday Night Dart's League.

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